World War II Army Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon members who would like to see again and today's Army Engineer Fire Fighters who like to see the fire apparatus of that war will find Portrayal Press' "U.S. Army Fire Trucks At War" an excellent publication. Either group as well as WW II Army Engineer fire truck collector/restorers wishing to see all the vehicles (wheeled, tracked, towed and amphibious) of that war will be interested in Portrayal Press' reproductions of Technical Manual 9-2800 of September 1943 and October, 1947, "Standard Military Motor Vehicles" and "Military Vehicles".

World War II Army Engineer Fire Truck Identification: The Army Corps of Engineers fielded nineteen different fire truck models in World War II. Here is a guide to help the interested in identifying each model.

Portrayal Press can be seen at their website: http://www.portrayal.com.

Five types of WW II Army Engineer fire trucks were built on the 1-1/2 ton four wheel drive military Chevrolet cab and chassis sometimes call the Vehicles of Victory. For a look at these trucks in their various configurations including the fire trucks open: www.vehiclesofvictory.com.

For more looks at WW II Army Engineer fire trucks open: http://www.armyfiretrucks.com.

Another good look is: http://www.firetrucks-atwar.com.


Many of the fire fighting units in today's Army are either Army Reserve or Army National Guard. Open this site for Army Reserve Engineer Detachment (Fire Fighting) that served in Kosovo in the mid nineties and recently returned from deployment in Iraq:


California State Park Rangers Association - CSPRA