Know Fire Fighters in Fatigues were the soldiers who staffed World War II's Army Engineer Fire Fighting Platoons?

Know there is no single document listing all the Army units, regular and Provisional, who served in the United States and overseas in World War II?  Because of this, the actual number of Army Engineer Fire Fighting Platoons may never be known.  One Army document lists one hundred and thirty nine.  Our research has documented two hundred fifty four.  We believe the number to be at least three hundred and possibly as many as four hundred.

Know you may be able to help us locate some missing Platoons?

Serve between August 31,1942 and January 1,I946 in an Army Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon whose unit number does not appear in the list of numbers displayed by "THE PLATOONS" button on the home page?

If you did, please send us the following information:

The Platoon's unit number

Date the unit was activated

Date the unit was deactivated

Military base where basic training was received

Military base where firefighting training was received

Date deployed overseas

Theater (ETO, ASIA PACIFIC, CBI) to which deployed

Date returned to the United States

Awards (Campaign stars, invasion arrowheads, citations and special recognitions)

Any special accomplishments

Serve between August 31,1942 and January 1, 1946 in an Army Engineer Aviation Fire Fighting Platoon whose unit number does not appear on "THE PLATOONS" list?  If you did, please send us information requested above.

Know any Army Engineer Aviation Fire Fighting Platoons that were deactivated with their personnel, equipment and mission being absorbed by Army Air Corps Base Utility Detachments, Platoons, Companies or Battalions?  Was your Platoon one of these?

Serve in an Army Air Corps Base Utility Detachment, Platoon, Company or Battalion that had an assigned fire fighting mission and staff and equipment to carry out the mission?  If you did, please tell us what you remember of your unit.  Information about them is very limited.

Know that some Army Air Corps aerial gunners flew their missions, were rotated back to the United States, transferred to the Corps of Engineers, trained as forest fire fighters and finished their service as forest fire fighters? Since these Fire Fighting Companies were Provisional units there were no records of their origins, activities and accomplishments.  If you served in one of these units whose unit number does not appear on the "THE PLATOONS" list, please share with us what you remember of that unit and it's doings.

Or anyone in your Platoon keep a diary of the Platoon's activities, write a history of the Platoon or keep any kind of a record of the Platoon's doings?  If you can answer yes, please contact us for military history offices where you can send these writings.  We know of one published history of a World War II Army Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon.  If you are interested, please contact us

Know the Platoons effectively do not exist in the official histories of World War II?  The Army's massive multi volume history of World War II contains three brief paragraphs discussing the Platoons.  The Air Force's seven volume history contains one brief paragraph.

Know you may have long sought information that will help fill out the story of these Platoons and the brave men who staffed them, the Fire Fighters in Fatigues.  Please share your recollections with us.