The Author
James G. Davis

My fire fighting career started as a forest fire fighter for the National Park Service in California before World War II.  With that experience, I joined, after a detour due to the Army's shaky classification system, the 1204th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon.  This was one of the first ten such Platoons activated (8/31/42) and one of the first four deployed overseas (4/1/43).

At war's end, I returned to forest fire fighting while pursuing an education in Forestry.  With my education completed, I joined the California State Park Service as a Ranger retiring three and a half decades later.

Retired in Hawaii, the last 2 decades have been spent researching the Army Engineer Fire Fighting Platoons of World War II.  In 1996 with what information was available, I published the history of the 1204th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon under the title "FIRE FIGHTERS IN FATIGUES".  The research, part of the reason for this website, will go on as long I am able.